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Case Study On Various Waste Processing Composting Technique's Prevailing In India

Waste is becoming a great danger to our planet. Every country in the world is facing a great
problem in disposing waste which is generated from different industries, livelihoods, houses, restaurants,
hotels and many other types of activities. Now with lack of dumping areas governments of many
countries are searching the ways to treating the waste before dumping them or dumping the waste in the
landfills. Governments are making different laws to treat the waste before dumping it. Like ways India has
also started with the Swatch Bharat Mission. The main concern of the Indian government is in treating
the waste before disposing / dumping the waste and using the residue for the land filling. Many laws have
been enforced by the Indian government also. Government says that before disposing the waste, the
waste should be segregated in two main forms i.e. bio degradable waste (Green waste / Wet waste) and
non-bio degradable waste (Dry Waste). The Green waste can be treated in two main ways i.e by
Methane or Composting (Organic Manure). In this case study we have study the different types of
Composition techniques prevailing in Indian market, to get the best results depending on the waste
generated per day by different sources.

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