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Case Study On Project To Treat 100 Ton Municipal Bio Degredable Waste In, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Waste a problem every where in the country. As the awareness and increasing of the waste many different laws have been made by the government to over come the problem of the waste. New Guidelines of Solid Waste Management 2016, has come into force replacing the old guidelines of 200. The main emphasis is given on treating the waste at the source, keeping this in mind there are many bulk waste generators are identified by the Local bodies. One which major are the Mandies (Krishi Upaj Mandies) located in the cities which supplies the Fruit and vegetables need of the cities and its near areas. Now Krishi Upaj Mandis are seeking for the new ways of treating there waste at low cost. There are many Mandies running in the country, which are acting as hub for the farmers to bring there fruits and vegetable and sell to the big merchants and from these mandies to the local venders can collect the material and sell them to the cities and full fill the need of the residence. As the waste from the mandi can be converted in waste to Energy.

KEYWORD: Bio Degradable Waste processing, Bio Gas, Compressed Bio Gas (CBG), Bottling, Compost

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