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Case Study On Oxygen Manufacturing And Bottling Process To Help The Society In This Pandemic Situation, COVID – 19

Oxygen is the most essential element found in mother earth for the survival of the living organism. Humans, animal or maximum of the species on this earth requires oxygen for their survival. The availability of the oxygen(O2) in the environment is by the natural process called as photosynthesis i.e. done by maximum number of plants. The O2 is easily available in the atmosphere for breathing purpose, of the living species through their respiratory system. Human used mouth and the nose to take the air that contains O2 from the atmosphere. The main organ involved in respiratory is Lungs in the human body, but now in this pandemic COVID-19 the virus is infecting the lungs of the human being which reduces its capacity of breathing. Thus, reducing the O2 in the body which results in multiple organ failure and resulting ultimate death of the human. Already there are method for making of the medical oxygen here in the case study we have done study on various techniques can be used in manufacturing of the medical oxygen in India at the faster rate, with the major equipment’s that are easily available in the country. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Keywords: Oxygen Manufacturing, Medical Oxygen, Pandemic, Covid-19, Oxygen Cylinder.

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