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Case Study on Environment Protection through Training in Biomining and Bio Remediation – Legacy Waste Treatment

With the improvement in the living standard and the development of the technology our whole word
is fighting with the waste and its disposal. Why now, from last few years, we are bothered about the
waste and its management? Previously, the world was not focusing on the treatment of the waste. The
waste generated from the different resources are being gathered by the municipalities or local bodies, the
waste either dumped in the landfills or dumped in the dumping grounds. But passing of the years, these
dump sites has taken the shape of the huge mountains or garbage heaps. These waste or garbage heaps
are contributing to global warming (by polluting air, water & soil). Since 2016, India has started great
efforts in Waste management system by implementing different waste management rules 2016. One of the
major role which was taken into account was the treatment of legacy waste. Legacy waste Management /
treatment is one of the fastest ways to reduce the national emission.
Legacy waste, Bio-mining, Bio-remediation, Municipal waste, Training

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